Recommendable software

# GIS Software

  • GRASS GIS: A very strong Free and Open Source (FOSS) GIS product, lots of useful addons, very advanced raster GIS modules
  • Quantum GIS: works perfectly in combination with GRASS (GRASS-plugin) to make nice maps for printouts, easy to access previews etc.
  • GRASS-addons:
    • r.fuzzy.*

# Statistical/Mathematical Software

  • Scipy/Numpy: powerful tools for numerical and mathematical operations on large, n-dimensional arrays, interface with GRASS-rasters
  • R: A must. doesn’t need any further explanation.
  • R-packages
    • vegan
    • dismo
    • sp
    • rgdal
    • raster
    • car
  • R-studio: Nice, user-friendly GUI for R, scripting, console, script-browser all-in-one solution