French review of our recent article in Ecological Applications

The team of the French non-profit organization and website has reviewed our recent article:

Radinger, J. and Wolter, C. (2015) Disentangling the effects of habitat suitability, dispersal and fragmentation on the distribution of river fishes. Ecological Applications 25:914-927. DOI: 10.1890/14-0422.1

Here a short English summary on what found most interesting in our study in particularly in a French river restoration context:

River restoration is a hot topic in France. Due to the WFD 2000 implementation and French river connectivity policy (“Trame bleue”), thousands of weirs and dams are to be either partially/totally removed, either equipped with fish pass or migration devices before 2018. Theses reforms meet some opposition from mills’ owners, citizens living in the riverside areas, local authorities concerned about side-effects of dam removals, industrial hydroelectric facilities. So there is a strong attention to the debates about the efficiency and scientific accuracy of morphological restoration (e.g. Palmer et al 2005, Morandi et al 2014), the relative effect of each anthropic pressure on biological populations (e.g. Dahm et al 2013, Villeneuve et al 2015), specifically the link between flow fragmentation and fish assemblages (e.g. Branco et al 2012, Van Looy et al 2014). Johannes Radinger and Christian Wolter’s recent model of 17 common stream species’ distributions is exposed to a French general public (laypersons) and contextualized with some recent results of this field of research. Complexity of river restoration and uncertainty of its outcome is emphasized, particularly the urgent need of multivariate modeling tools for the restoration planning at the catchment level.

The whole review in French (L’introuvable influence des seuils et barrages sur les peuplements piscicoles) can be found here:

Herewith I’d like to thank for the comprehensive review and for bringing this topic to a broader, French audience.

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