Opening your own door into the editorial team of Journal of Applied Ecology

For all those who ever thought about being associate editor for Journal of Applied Ecology. In this post the senior editor Nathalie Pettorelli explains how one can apply. I think this is really great idea to break up old traditional rules of becoming editor of a scientific journal.

The Applied Ecologist's Blog

JPE-MentorAdvert_proof2How did I become an associate editor for Journal of Applied Ecology? I had the luck of meeting Prof Simon Thirgood in the Serengeti National Park while discovering the study area and getting my head around the basics of data collection by the Serengeti Cheetah Project staff. We were basically both invited for dinner, we started to chat (and Simon was certainly someone fun to have a chat with), and I received an invitation a few weeks later. I was over the moon – this was my first invitation to join an editorial team, five years post-PhD. I’ll never know exactly how it influenced my career progression, but I believe it did help me establish an international reputation and ultimately secure a position as an editor. This was my opening door to the publishing world. I could have travelled to the Serengeti in another season, I could have worked…

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