EU-DEM: Digital Surface Model at 25m

I’d like to share information about an excellent data source for elevation data covering Europe at 25 m resolution:

Screenshot EU-DEM

Screenshot EU-DEM

The EU-DEM was generated within the European Copernicus programme. The digital elevation model is based on combined data from SRTM and ASTER GDEM and generated for tiles of 1 by 1 degree and provided in EU-LAEA (EPSG. 3035) projection. The spatial resolution is 25 m and thus, the EU-DEM is well suited for many modeling purposes (e.g. to  extract a river network for running  the fish dispersal model FIDIMO). In addition to the DEM data, a colour shaded relief image over Europe is provided. Metadata for the EU-DEM are provided here.

More information about the data can be found here:

and here:

or here with additional information on how to download and import the data into GRASS GIS (my favored GIS system): EU-DEM: new Digital Surface Model at 25m | GFOSS Blog | GRASS GIS Courses

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