Fact or Fiction: The 10 Question Fish Quiz!

Try the quiz yourself….

The Fisheries Blog

By Patrick Cooney

Fish Quiz

Do you often fall for farce over fact?  Take a quick look at the following fish stories and see if you can discern the real from the ludicrous.  Once you have decided on all 10, check out the answers towards the bottom.  Leave a note in the comments (or take the poll) and tell us how well you did at this little quiz.

Will you know all 10?

1. Fact or Fiction: Native to the Amazon River, the long and slender Candiru Catfish swims up the urethra of unsuspecting swimmers before protruding its spiked fins to anchor itself from the oncoming flow of urine. Surgery could be required to remove the catfish from its new dwelling if it does not decide to immerge on its own.

candiru catfish xray

2. Fact or Fiction: Scientists believe that following the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant…

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