Interview: Freshwater conservation in pictures with Michel Roggo

Amazing photography….

The Freshwater Blog

We continue our three-part interview with respected freshwater photographer Michel Roggo. Roggo has taken thousands of amazing photographs over the years. We asked him what three images best summed up his vision for freshwaters. From swarms of salmon to eery flooded forests to a different side of the world’s biggest lake, these were the photos he chose.

Salmon swarms: the migration of the sockeye salmon in Canada’s Adams River

“Thirty years ago on an expedition to Alaska, I caught my first glimpse of these migrating Pacific salmon and resolved to return each year until I had captured good photographs of them underwater. After several failed attempts, I perfected my technique for shooting underwater without having to dive, instead using a small structure on the riverbed. The advantage of this is that fish are not really concerned about the structure, which allows me to capture their natural behaviour. At the beginning of my…

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