Statistical Errors in Research: Use and misuse of statistics in biology

image copyright Shutterstock/ YAKOBCHUK VASYL, 18percentgrey

Statisticians suggest that at least half the published papers in biology contain serious statistical errors. If you wish to draw conclusions from such material, or intend to base your research upon it, you may wish to identify those errors.

Dransfield R.D. and Brightwell R. (2012)

To improve this situation and enforce publishing good quality papers with appropriate and sound statistical methods Dransfield R.D. and Brightwell R. (2012) provide some insights and guidance in their ebook: Avoiding and Detecting Statistical Malpractice: Design and analysis for biologists, with R. Their results are also summarized and provided in a very helpful and structured way on their website: Statistical Errors in Research: Use and misuse of statistics in biology. The provided information can help many biologists/ecologists to improve their statistics, check for their use and possible alternative methods and to avoid common misuse. Just have a look yourself. I really like this website and would like to further recommend it, as it also links to many external peer-reviewed sources for further information on certain statistical methods and their use.

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