Word Rivers Day: Impressions from my home river

Today is World Rivers Day!

Therefore, I’d like to share some impressions of my home river, the River Erlauf (Austria, Lower Austria). The photos were take around the time of my master thesis (2010). During my thesis I investigated macroinvert-assemblages in the impounded section and natural flow sections of the lower reaches of River Erlauf.

Some information about River Erlauf (modified from Radinger, 2010, Master Thesis):

The River Erlauf is part of the River Danube catchment between River Enns and March and its catchment is in total 624.3 km^2. The catchment is situated on the northern side of the Lower Austrian and Styrian Limestone Alps (Bioregion Limestone foothills). The source of the river is at an altitude of 920 m ASL and it drains into River Danube about one kilometer upstream the town Pöchlarn (210 m ASL). Thus, the Erlauf descends 710 m on a total length of 75 km. The most important tributaries along the river are the Ötscherbach, the Lassingbach, the Gamingbach, the Jeßnitz and the Kleine Erlauf.

Considering the hydrological situation, the river belongs to the type of nivo-pluvial, summer-strong rivers. These rivers are characterized by a first peak of the discharge in April and May caused by the snowmelt and a second maximum in June/July induced by the typical precipitation situation in summer. The annual mean discharge at of the lower reaches is 14.5 m^3/s. The stream order is 6 (Strahler classification) and thus, the river is one of the largest in the south-western part of Lower Austria.

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