Student course on meta analysis

The methods to analyse ecological data and to find patterns for many species and across different taxa have substantially changed over the last years from a traditional form of narrative reviews to methodologically very strong statistical and data driven approaches, the meta analysis.

Prof. Julia Koricheva (Ecology at Royal Holloway University of London, School of Biological Sciences) will give a student course on the emerging topic of meta analysis entitled: “Introduction to meta-analysis and research synthesis in ecology”. The course will be in Coimbra (Portugal) from April 7-11, 2014 and is organized by IMAR-Instituto do Mar and the Department of Life Sciences of the Universtiy of Coimbra.

The aims of the course (from their website):

This course aims to promote and facilitate the thoughtful and critical use of meta-analysis for research synthesis in ecology by:

    • Explaining the principles and advantages of meta-analysis for research synthesis
    • Demonstrating the range of applications of meta-analysis in ecology
    • Promoting understanding of the assumptions and limitations of meta-analysis
    • Providing firsthand experience in question formulation, data extraction, database design, use of software for meta-analysis and report preparation

More information about registration, venue, fees and the programme can be found at their website:

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