Leading Conservationist Calls for Freshwater Advocacy Group

Just a few days ago we “celebrated” the international day of biodiversity. In this context, a really interesting interview was recorded between the Biofresh-group and the head of IUCN’s Freshwater Biodiversity Group Will Darwall. He is calling for more intense cooperation among freshwater scientists and conservationists to create a stronger voice (e.g. for lobbying work).

The Freshwater Blog

Will Darwall, Head of IUCN’s Freshwater Biodiversity Unit, has used the International Day for Biodiversity to call for the formation of a single group of freshwater scientists and conservationists to give voice to the myriad of life under and on the surfaces of our lakes, rivers and wetlands.

Speaking with Paul Jepson from the University of Oxford, Will highlighted the need to work together and form a single advocacy group, pointing out that the community of freshwater scientists is quite small and fragmented worldwide relative to other groups working on more charismatic species. Can we bring together all these disparate groups working on freshwater biodiversity and ecosystems and form a much stronger, single ‘expert network’?

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