Fancy a flutter? – I bet this fish will make it!

Some finnish colleagues pointed me to this interesting project:

Project FishRun

The idea behind FishRun is to make people and companies aware about near distinct stocks of native salmon, the importance of the longitudinal connectivity of rivers and unimpeded spawning migration of salmonids and especially the Salmon itself.

The tool they use to raise this awarness and to disseminate scientific information is to see fish migration as a competative sport event someone can bet on. Therefore Scientist equipped fish with radio transmitters for observing the movements during their migration upstream in the river to spawn. Moreover people and companies can bet on a single fish buy and their name for their own Grand Prix start of a “racing fish”. I think that’s a really clever idea to combine the fun of gambling and betting with the benefit for ecological topics and the funding of science.

On their website they post during racing times regulary news (also in english). Unfortunately most of the project website and some interesting games and apps to follow your personal “racing fish” on your smartphone are in finnish. However a great idea.

fishrun-newsinenglish: Project FishRun – I bet this fish will make it!.

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